Meet the south of America with your car

The south has a lot of variety. You can even tour several countries in less time than you expect. Traveling by car is easier than you think, you just have to be well prepared: carry enough money, passports, maybe a jacket, snacks for the road, the best travel backpack you can choose, and good disposition.

In the south the beauty is quite wide, you can even visit totally different things and you would be surprised how close they are. You can be in a desert and in a matter of minutes you can be in a forest and with a totally different climate. That’s why it’s a great choice to take your car and start a new adventure.

The good thing about this tour is that you will find many cars that also do the same. You can even see cyclists. In this post I will give you some routes that you should visit from the south, while traveling in your car.

  • Highway Austral, Chile: connects the north and south of Chile. On the way you will find different climates and events: forests, glaciers, volcanoes, among others. Much of this route lacks pavement, so you must have a good car, because you certainly can not miss passing through here.

  • Route 40, Argentina: is one of the most famous and its route extends from Cabo Vírgenes, Santa Cruz, to the border with Bolivia. On the way you can do a tour of the vineyards and you will find an innumerable list of animals, among them the “ñandú”.

  • Pantanal route, Brazil: as we were talking about animals along the way, on this route you will find many wild animals and countless wildlife. That’s why it’s often a safe destination for people who love animals. For this route you will need a 4×4 vehicle.

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