The best routes to drive in France

If we want to talk about glamor, the route that you must choose to travel in your car is that of Costa Azul and Provence. In this route you will find beautiful landscapes, cliffs and beaches that you will love. You can take advantage of to know villages like Les Baux de Provence Gordies, and Bonnieux. In addition, you can visit the Gardens of the Fontaine and the picturesque villages of Eze and La Turbie. To close, when you are in Provence you can go to the Russian Cathedral.

The Loire Valley goes the lovers and is known as the garden of France. It is only 2 hours from Paris. It is a place full of castles like those shown in the movies and there are so many (around 40) that you surely will not be able to visit them all. You must go to Chambord Castle, which is the largest in the valley and one of the most visited by tourists. I’ll leave you a sample of what awaits you in these images. You will certainly enjoy the way to the valley and the castles.

This is the best route to travel by car. It is Alsace, since it is a route full of many villages that you can visit and meet. In addition, if you decide to do the tour at Christmas, you will be really impressed with the quality of the decorations. It has only 200km, meaning that in about 3 hours you will have traveled the whole town. After knowing all the towns you can make a stop in Strasbourg. It is your decision to go by the way or park in each town and know it completely. I recommend the second, because it’s really worth it.

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