Best car routes to drive in USA

For lovers of cars and tours, this time I bring several routes that you can take inside the United States to enjoy the scenery, the views and your travel by car. You can go alone or with your family, the intention is that you know them.

Route 66 is a classic and many people love it, as it has been in movies, books and has been named in songs. People call it the “mother road” and it is a very popular route that crosses 8 states. On the way you can take advantage and eat a hamburger at Tally’s CafĂ© or you can stroll through the many abandoned villages that are on the way.

On Overseas Highway, Florida, it’s not that you can do too much sightseeing. It is a highway of 200 kilometers in which you will only see water and beautiful landscapes. We could say that it is a highway over the ocean. On the way you can see beautiful sunrises or sunsets, coral islets, etc. It is considered one of the most beautiful in terms of landscape.

Now let’s talk about desert, in Antelope Valley Freeway you find one that is stained red in spring. So if you plan to do these tours then it should be in spring so that you enjoy the good view and the good smells of this valley.

Beartooth is undoubtedly the most popular mountain route in the United States. The road is completely covered with mountains and once in a while you can see part of the curved roads. Also, you will appreciate numerous lakes typical of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area which border the highway along much of its route.

Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee and North Carolina is the protagonist in many television and film scenes. Usually it is the bikers who visit it, but you can also take your car and go. You must be cautious, because it has very tight curves.

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